The Cinema Issue: We’ve lost about $2m due to closure – Silverbird Cinemas


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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused havoc for the arts sector around the world.
Many festivals and concerts have been cancelled while most of theatres and cinemas is still shut down.

However, slowly and cautiously what was closed is now gradually opening up.
In Ghana, the story is different. Cinemas remain closed, although various social gathering venues have been opened.
On August 6, 2020, the National Film Authority’s Action Group petitioned the Tourism Ministry to open them and according to them they have been in various meetings with the ministry but still cinema doors remain closed.

At the official launch of The Presidential Film Pitch Series April 28 this year, President Akufo-Addo assured players in the industry the doors to the theatres will open soon.
“I want to proclaim on a matter of great concern that the opening of cinemas is under constant review of the COVID-19 taskforce. And hopefully, you’ll hear from the taskforce soon,” he told the gathering.

Over a month down the line, the film fraternity is outraged as the directive to close cinemas, as part of measures to curb Covid-19 spread, is yet to be reversed.
Silverbird Cinemas Ghana, is one of the facilities bearing the brunt due to closure for over 15 months with over 300 staff having been laid off.