Husband caught pastor red handed having s3x with his wife who's church choir leader - Video

A pastor leading the congregation of Rock for Jesus Christ has escaped the wrath of a husband after he was caught sleepy with his wife on his matrimonial bed.

According to report, the husband returned home from work unexpectedly and met the pastor bedding with his wife.

After seeing the disgusting incident, the husband got angry and jumped on the husband thinking it was a robber bedding his wife.

The man raised alarm and residents came in their numbers to help him bust the thief but after their arrival, they disclosed to him that the pastor is not a thief but a man of God.

After being disgraced in front of the masses, the man of God took to his heels.

Before that, the residents rebuked him and the lady for committing an abomination.

As we speak, it is said that the issue has been taken to the chief of the community and the two fornicators have been summoned for questions.

Meanwhile, the agitated husband said he is not ready to forgive his wife for sleeping with the pastor.



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