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Hello Guys!
Below are steps to do that on your Android Phone
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1 - Open your chrome browser, click on the web address & type in (make sure you're logged in to your YouTube gmail account)
2 - Click on the three dots at the top right of your browser, scroll to desktop site & tick the box
3 - Click on web address again and click on the edit Icon, now type in features & click Enter
4 - Now look your Screen closely, you will see "FEATURES THAT REQUIRE PHONE VERIFICATION", next Click on it and click on Verify phone number
5 - Select your Country and add your phone number then click "GET CODE" (finish the verification process)
6 - Now download YouTube studio and open the app
7 - Select the video you want to add thumbnails to & click on the pencil icon (edit), click on the second pencil icon at the top left of your screen & Select the thumbnail you designed & click save.
Watch the Tutorial above to understand better, Thanks for your time ❤❤
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