You’d have to kill me to stop me from performing in South Africa – Burna Boy


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Nigerian musician, Burna Boy, has said that nothing would stop him from performing at the ‘Africa Unite Concert’ in South Africa.

“Lol. I’m coming and you and anyone against it are gunna have to kill me to stop me,” the 28-year-old afrobeat star tweeted on Saturday.

Last week, some South African artistes and event organizers called for a boycott of the concert because of Burna Boy’s inclusion.

Burna Boy, Jidenna and Kwesta from South Africa, are billed to headline the two-day concert.

Said to be powered by Channel O, ‘Africans Unite’ is a collaborative project which aims to rebuild trust and respect by changing the current narrative about the African continent.

According to the opposing parties, Burna Boy must not step into their country until he apologise for the comments he made during the recent xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other foreign nationals in the country.

Spearheading the opposition is South African star, AKA, who has insisted that he (Burna Boy) must apologise.
On another hand, Tshwane Entertainment Collective, a group of South African showbiz experts have also questioned Burna Boy’s inclusion and the exclusion of artists and event organisers from Tshwane.

Shortly after the news broke, South Africa’s firebrand opposition politician, Julius Malema tweeted to reassure Burna Boy of his safety.

Burna Boy, who has not reacted to any of the tweets, broke his silence on Saturday when he quoted a tweet asking him not to be deceived by the offer of protection from Mr. Malema.


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