Tanzania terminate Emmanuel Amuneke’s contract


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Emmanuel Amuneke, Nigerian former footballer, has been relieved of his job as the head coach of Tanzania national team by mutual consent.


The Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) confirmed this in a statement on their official website on Monday.

The termination of the contract of the former Super Eagles player came on the heels of the East African ouster from the group stage of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.

The Tanzania side lost all three group stage matches – 2-0 to Senegal, 3-2 to Kenya and 3-0 to Algeria.

“The Tanzania Football Association (TFF) and the National Team Coach, Emmanuel Amunike, have reached a joint agreement to terminate the contract between us,” the statement read.

The statement said a temporary coach would be appointed after their emergency meeting on Thursday, and the new gaffer would lead them for the upcoming qualifiers for the African Nations Championship (CHAN).

“TFF will announce the time coach who will lead the National Team for CHAN matches,” it read.

“The new coaches will be announced after the Emergency Committee Committee meeting meets July 11,2019.

“The search for the new Coach has started immediately.”

Amuneke was appointed on August 6, 2018, as the Tanzania football national team coach.

Of the ten matches Amuneke took the Taifa Stars through, they won two, drew two and lost four.
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