Savannah Region: Migrant Fulani herdsmen commit most armed robberies – Police


DCOP Enoch Adutwum Bediako​

Security officials in the Savannah Region have vowed to are crackdown on migrant Fulani herdsmen, accusing them of rape, vandalism, destruction of farms, and armed robbery in the region.

According to the Savannah Regional police commander, DCOP Enoch Adutwum Bediako, the armed robbery menace keeps worsening by the day in the region.

He said police records show that the majority of armed robberies in the region are committed by Fulani herdsmen.
DCOP Bediako made this known at a consultative forum held in Damongo on commercial charcoal burning, sustainable small-scale mining, and indiscriminate rosewood harvesting.

He said crime-fighting was a shared responsibility and called for effective stakeholder collaboration with the traditional authorities in reducing crime in the region.

He stated that the Fulani herdsmen work under people who are known in the region.

The police chief suggested that the cattle owners register the Fulani herdsmen with the chiefs so that they can be monitored which will make it easier for the police to trace and identify crime suspects by getting in touch with the chiefs whenever there is an issue or event involving a Fulani.