Quartz Glass

What is ?

Quartz is one of the most abundant and widely distributed minerals in nature.

Dirt, moisture and contaminants present in the natural quartz are removed in the early stages of processing which may affect the quality and performance of the quartz glass to be produced. This is only applicable for mined

In this method, the glass produced is white and opaque and does not generally belong to any types of quartz glass. However, it is comparable to transparent quartz in terms of purity level.Thick slabs may require multiple consecutive cuts if a single cut would not suffice. Annealing may be required to relieve the thermally-induced stress and to keep it from shattering.Contaminants, even in very low levels, influence the thermal, electrical and optical properties of the resulting glass and material in contact in their final application. also has low thermal conductivity.Quartz has high compressive strength, but also exhibits high brittleness. glass has been a subject of research due to its extensive optical transmission properties, covering the ultra-violet regions, visible and infrared wavelengths.