#NSMQ2021: Presec-Legon humiliates St. Peters and Chemu SHS to qualify for grand finale

It was a fierce battle between Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School and St. Peter’s SHS and Chemu SHS during the semi-finals contest of the (NSMQ) competition.

Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School qualified for the grand finale of the NSMQ after beating St. Peter’s SHS in the Eastern Region and Chemu SHS.

The school won the contest with 50 points beating their contenders St. Peter’s SHS with 24 points and Chemu SHS recording 21 points.

The NSMQ has been a remarkable event competition that sought to bring to senior high school students in Ghana a unique nostalgic feeling.

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Elsie Effah Kaufmann, NSMQ Quiz mistress

Current and old students of the various schools seized the opportunity to let Ghanaians know that they are the Cristiano Ronaldo of the contest while others bragged to be the Lionel Messi of the game but at the end of the contest, PRESEC proved to be the champions.

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St Peter’s SHS
The question many ask is can the PRESEC clinch their seventh title after they won it in 2020?

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Chemu SHS

Source: Pulse News