More rains are coming; be on guard if you are within flood-prone areas – NADMO


The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) of Ghana has issued a public warning urging Ghanaians, especially people within flood-prone areas to move to higher grounds as more rains are expected.

According to a post on the Facebook page of NADMO Ghana, it has received information from the Ghana Meteorology Agency that more rains are coming.

“We should be expecting more rains so let's stay safe, especially those within Flood Prone areas,” parts of a statement on the Facebook page of NADMO Ghana reads.
Among other safety tips, NADMO Ghana is imploring Ghanaians to identify safe places where they can take shelter if their homes or schools get flooded.

The citizenry is urged to also pay attention to flood warnings or weather forecasts during the flood season.
In case of an emergency, members of the public are advised to call 112 and 0299350030 for assistance.