Looking to Meet People in Accra, Ghana here

Hello and it's feel good to be here. I'm Moses, a 25-year-old, Nigerian by Nationality, a high school graduate with a little technical school education.

I was recently admitted to study towards a BSc Computer Science programme in Accra Institute of Technology (AIT). This would be my first time leaving Nigeria and I really want to make use of this opportunity.

I want to meet someone from here based in Accra, Ghana, who can assist me in settling down (probably squatting at first), getting a job (I am a web designer, and digital expert) till I am fully established in Accra.

I'd just want someone who can receive me in Accra and accommodate me for the first 3 months. I'm personally funding my studies and my first year tuition, accommodation and documents processing sums up to over $2000 which is currently on the high side for me.

I wouldn't mind engaging in house chores as a means of showing my gratitude for the kind gesture. School is resuming soon. Please I'll appreciate any kind gesture. Thank you.

+2347047406400 is my WhatsApp contact number if you'd love to help.