Diesel price per litre shoots up to GHS13.50p


The woes of Ghanaians are deepening following yet another hikes in the prices of fuel at the local pumps.

The Ghanaians since the start of the year have been complaining about the high cost of fuel in the country leading to the high cost of living.
Just a few months ago, all fuel products broke the eight.

Today, the diesel price per litre is over GHS13.
While fuel selling company ‘Total’ is the first to display the new price, other companies will in the subsequent days make the adjustments at their filling stations across the country.

At Total, a litre of Super is now selling at GHS10.99 per litre with Kerosene's price rising to GHS12 per litre.
For the government, these high costs of petroleum products in the country are beyond its control.

Officials continue to blame the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the global Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.