Coronavirus: Popular Nigerian rapper CDQ gives his tenants 30% off rent


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Nigerian rapper, Sodiq Abubaker Yusuf known in Showbiz as CDQ, has shared an act of kindness to his tenants amidst coronavirus pandemic

The rapper made a bold step of cutting 30% off the annual rent of his tenants due to the coronavirus outbreak.

He explains that he understands that nothing productive will take place while we are trying to fight this pandemic. People have been asked to stop work and stay home. The rapper maintains that this is not a stunt to show off, rather start a movement.

In an Instagram post he wrote “So I was on the phone with my lil brother last-night for almost 2hrs discussing the issue of this deadly Corona Virus… I’ve never spoken to him for this long before Last night I realized how much I’m meant to have loved him… mostly I’m always concerned about my mum and my little sister, and I’ll be like after-all he’s a guy he’ll be fine So last night we concluded on taking some burdens off the people that are attached to the little properties we have control over in this temporal hard time.
I believe if there’s no productive activities happening with the ongoing shut-down issues everywhere right now, there has to be a way we can be rational and fair to ourselves to make life easy for our fellow humans… cos against all odds…we are all we’ve got I’m actually posting this not as a show off but to commence a movement that will probably influence everyone with good heart out there to make life easy in this hard time for anyone under or attached to us somehow… Thank You #StaySafe #Woss#LifeisQuality#MayGodHealTheWorld#WeAreAllWeHaveChallenge“