Choosing the Right Folder-Gluer

The search for a new can be very daunting. If you need a machine that can run 4-/6-corner products and your current is not equipped to run them, your options are limited.It is important to analyze all the different box folder-gluers on the market, with , the features available and how those features meet the type of cartons you will be running.
When comparing different and looking at the technology included, you have options.
Experienced operators generally know what they are doing on a but would be well-served using the new technology to increase their knowledge and productivity.A final consideration is the method of packing the cases with cartons or banding the bundles of boxes. You may have made improvements to your finishing department to make it more efficient with an upgrade to your folder-gluer, but how you handle the product as it exits the folder-gluer also should be considered. This will be discussed in a future article on automating the feeding, exiting and packing of the cartons.